MGP has been providing bespoke advice and working with Companies and their Employees, Pension Scheme Trustees, Business Owners and Individuals since 1995.

As our firm is owner managed, all clients benefit from the direct involvement of a company director who is ultimately responsible for the quality of advice and service provided.

In an ever-changing business and financial world, we understand the high value clients place on integrity, efficiency and professionalism. Our advisers are committed to working with clients in a collaborative way to help them achieve their goals and our support staff are highly valued, experienced and long serving with a passion for service excellence.

We are exceptionally proud of our strong, long-lasting, relationships with clients and always look forward to welcoming new clients too.

Advice, Consultancy and Support Services we offer


MGP has delivered high quality solutions in the specialist area of Core Employee Benefits–pensions


Although our primary focus is corporates, we do offer focused advice to individuals as we believe

Professional Connections

We do not enter into formal referral agreements with other professionals but we have successfully

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